TAFHEEM-UL-QUR’AN URDU ( 6 Volumes Set )

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TAFHEEM-UL-QUR’AN URDU ( 6 Volumes Set )

Tafheem ul Quran تفہیم القرآن is one of the best available commentaries on the Quran by one of the leading scholars of the past century, Syed Abul A`la Maududi. This is a new six-volume print of the tafsir offering a detailed understanding of each of the 114 suras of the Quran in a beautifully written Urdu prose. Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi’s most acclaimed and celebrated work till date, written during the most struggled days of his life, resonating almost 30 years. The Tafheem ul Quran’s تفہیم القرآن presence and credibility is acclaimed globally, considered to be one of the most acknowledged explanation and translation of the Quran. It offers an insight and an in depth understanding of various social, moral, economic and legal teachings of the Quran in an extremely simplistic manner for any learned individual to be able to understand its meaning and purpose.
AUTHOR: Syed Abul Ala Maududi
PAGES: 4756
SIZE IN CM: 18 x 25 Cm
WEIGHT: 7.8kg


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